Art that Means Something: Displaying Family Treasures Under Glass

We're back with another idea on how to incorporate meaningful art and accessories into your home.  We shared an art idea a couple of weeks and today we'd like to share an fun way to display family heirlooms and objects.  Displaying our treasures under glass is a great way to protect them and give them an added sense importance.  Apothecary jars and cloches are a great way to incorporate treasures into our home decor.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas: -Eyeglasses: How  fun are these vintage eye glasses?  They are interesting and whimsical and add a touch of history to the space.  These could be family heirlooms or  a great way to save your children's glasses as they grow.  -Baby Items: You could display shoes, bonnets, rattles, spoons, toys... Vintage is great but starting a collection of your own baby's favorite items is a great way to create heirlooms for the future.

-Jewelry: What do you with the piles of jewelry you want to keep and treasure but not necessarily wear? Display it in an apothecary jar.-Keys: We all of a collection of old keys we no longer need but you can't just get rid of the keys to your very first car right? I am loving the mix of old and new keys.  -Letters and Postcards: This would make a great conversation piece in a living room and a great way to honor our past.  -Found Objects: If you don't have a lot of family heirlooms but still want to incorporate meaning accessories into your home you can always start a collection of your own.  Seashells, rocks, and sand from our favorite vacations and places is a great way to start.  I think kids would love to create a tradition of selecting the perfect rock or shell on vacation to add to the jar.-Soaps: Do you steal the soaps at the hotel when you're on vacation?  Filling an apothecary jar with soaps is a fun way to always remember that special trip. They look great with and without the packaging too.-Matchbooks are another thing we all like to collect but don't know what to with once we them. Do you have any treasures that you like to display in an apothecary jar or under a cloche?