Aubergine for Autumn

Autumn is in the air! Mornings are crisp, evenings are almost chilly. It's time to start thinking about switching up your decor a little bit for the cooler weather. Autumn seems to be synonymous with darker, richer colors. This year, you might want to think Aubergine for Autumn.

Aubergine, a deep shade of purple, is a perfect way to add warmth to your autumn space.

Don't worry if you're not brave enough to paint your walls purple.  Adding aubergine accents to your space can inject a bit of energy and interest without the big commitment.

Embracing eggplant in your decor can be as simple as adding a pillow, a throw, perhaps a piece of art.

This fall trend is at one youthful and sophisticated. So try a bit of aubergine in your space and see how you like it!