Luxe Lodge

I was pleasantly surprised to open up my inbox this morning to find a email from Schumacher introducing their newest collection: Luxe Lodge. I am loving this new collection! It seems so homey and inviting but still quite sophisticated. I could just imagine how great it would be to wrap your space in these fabrics and wallcoverings. My favorite spaces have the perfect balance of comfort with a casual feel while maintaining an elegance and this collection does just that. I need that throw! It would be the perfect thing to wrap yourself in and watch a movie with some hot cocoa and winter is coming so fast.  The mohair and wool seem so scrumptious! 

A mix of textures is the perfect way to keep a space from feeling bland or boring.I'm also loving the menswear inspired woven fabrics. 

Schumacher describes this collection as "rustic yet refined" and we couldn't agree more. Are you with us? Would you love to live in a Luxe Lodge too?