Construction Continues

Construction is moving along on the showroom.  Most of the big items are done.  Now it's all about cleaning up and putting everything back together.  Our biggest undertaking was tearing down the dropped ceiling that really closed in the space and hid some awesome architectural details.   When the ceiling first started to come down we though "oh crap what did we do?"  We shared some pictures with you but we saved the scariest to reveal once the building is complete.  It was a bit stressful at times but we are so happy  with how the beams turned out. Here's the feature wall right as you walk into the space.  We we discussed the reception desk we wanted it to be clean and classic but still be a great representation of us and our style.  We settled on an "X" motif because it's one of our favorites.  The desk will be a light warm gray with a butcher block for some warmth.  The wall behind is going a bit darker with our logo right smack in the middle.  You can see a glimpse of our beloved beams.

 This is our design center space.  It's going to be filled with shelves of pretty fabric, wallpaper, tile.... samples and catelogs.  The closets are going to get french doors to hide some of not to pretty materials (shingles, exterior stone...) Storage was the name of the game back in here.

Here's a detail of our beams.  Aren't they fantastic!  The color is a bit misleading though.  We don't have the lights installed back in this area and the flash turned the wood a lot more red than they really are.

This picture is pretty dark but it's a much better representation of the color of the beams.  They are a great weathered wood with a lot of gray.  This little rooms are going to be our bedroom wing.  We're going to be displaying a great custom uphosltered headboard in the first room and will feature a childrens room and perhaps a nursery beyond.

Here are our great carpenters working on some cubbies that are going to filled with fun patterned accent pillows which are one of our favorite things we're selling in the store.  A sneak peek of the pillows will be coming soon.

 Construction is winding down and we are so ready for it to be completed so we can get to fun stuff and bring in all of the pretty pieces.  We definitely have a better understanding of what our clients feel when it seems like their construction project will never end.  But the end is in sight and we are sooo excited!