Just Repeat it!

Let's face it.  We love holiday decor buts its tough to give up spending for gifts to create that special Christmas atmosphere.   One of the best way to save a few pennies on your decor for the holidays is to use repetition. If you missed our LIV Live event last week (it was so much fun!) here's one designer trick we showcased to make your holiday decor easier so you can enjoy more time with loved ones.

If this isn't darling decor I don't know what is!  This style may not be for everyone, but the key to making this working is the repetition everywhere. Each item this shot is repeated at least once and it creates MUCH more impact than if there were just one of each of the pieces.


Repetition can be formal and elegant too.  It helps create symmetry which is essential to a more traditional decor.  Can you see already how using this trick could completely simplify your holiday decor!


Decorating with more than 2 of one item creates more impact, and can you see what using 15 of the same shape, color, and texture can create.  This repetition creates a real focal point.  I'm feeling festive already!

This bold decor is bound to make you smile.  The repetition of the stars has more impact because of their placement,color, and scale.

At first glance this dining room doesn't show an obvious repeat, but take a closer look and you'll see what seems to be hundred of glass ball ornaments!  They are all the same general color size and that it key.  Super easy!

Natural elements are a favorite at LIV.  Grouping this series of natural pots with moss adds a simplified holiday cheer.  Just one pot could be a cute touch, but the 4 (or more!) is perfect to add more impact.  It's so much easier to grab an extra 3-4 of one item than worry about how to combine several elements together (and that is an entirely different lesson!) 

Since dining chairs are a natural repeat, treating them the same is an easy way to bring the holiday spirit into your family gatherings.

Remember, this design principle is meant to simplify your decor year round and for the holidays.  When you buy any new holiday decor this year and for years to come, remember how much easier it is to create your special atmosphere by finding several of an item you already love.

Here's to many holiday memories all season long!