The Holiday Tablescape

Tablescapes are creatively designed table arrangements or centerpieces that showcase or highlight a specific object or collection. In addition to tabletops, items such as bookshelves, coffee tables and mantles can be transformed into a unique tablescape. Tablescapes can also set the mood within a specific place or during a particular event.


When it comes to tablescaping, the way you decorate your table can be as elaborate or simple as you like. The style you choose is entirely your own, which makes the possibilities endless. This could overwhelm some people, but if you approach it piece by piece, designing a tablescape can be very enjoyable. The secret is to start with a simple color theme or style design, and then stick to it. Once you decide on the main idea, the choices become much more limited, making the project less intimidating. For example, if it is the winter holiday season and you would like a snowy theme, the best colors to start with would be white, blue, and light shades of purple. With this foundation, your options become more limited and focused.

In addition, there are some basic guidelines to follow to make your project easier:

  • There is a finite amount of space on a tabletop, so editing your arrangement is essential.
  • When grouping things together, odd numbers are more appealing to the eye than even numbers.
  • Focus on an item in the foreground and then arrange other items behind it to give it depth.
  • Stacked books are a great way to elevate items or display smaller items.
  • The more you experiment, the better you'll get at making these little arrangements!