Trend Alert! Antlers

Have you ever seen Fashion Police on E!? You know, that show where Joan Rivers makes fun of all of the celebrities and what they wear? They have a segment on that show called "Gotta Have it/Make it Stop". We are going to play that game with one of the big trends we've seen popping up for the last couple of years: antlers. Whether it be faux antlers, real antlers, or full European mounts antlers are everywhere. Here are some of our favorite inspiration images that feature antlers. 9007267974394664_4iacaD0d_c 31806741088074987_UuBJItjI_c 31806741088094857_CoW8b7UV_c 52846995597036230_Uqt2txNI_c 73887250106888258_PRJquGJU_c 122512052332791919_EUT3FxLt_c 137711701075937783_maZ8gglE_c 202028733255120564_qOVBD9VK_c 251216485434495962_WUwHc3l5_c Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 6_58_15 PM

(All of these images were found on Pinterest)

I'm gonna say "Gotta Have It". I may just be embracing this trend because my husband's trophy antlers are the one thing he is adament about in our home so I have to, but I really think that antlers are a beautiful sculpture provided  by Mother Nature herself. I love them hung in a grouping or just one statement piece. I also love them integrated into a tablescape. I will admit however that I am not a fan of the full an trophy mounts with fur and eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go. I prefer just the simple antlers or a European mount (bleached skull). If you want to participate in this trend but don't like idea of any animals being harmed they make some really great resin antlers that look pretty darn real. There are also some great silver and white antlers on the market that give a modern spin to the trend.

So we want to hear from you. What is your take on the antler trend? Gotta have it or make it stop?


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