Mastering the Details

IMG_6345This master bedroom had many great design elements to begin with, it just needed a simple uplift to complete the space.  Attention to detail is important when creating a well designed room.  Details create interest and give a sense of cohesiveness.

Let's talk about the finishing details in this room and why this space works so beautifully.

Adding moldings and painting the ceiling a crisp white creates a dramatic contrast from the dark walls.  It also gives balance to the space and brings in an element of light, allowing the eye to rest.

desk 1The previously dark bed was also painted white, but purposefully slightly darker than the ceiling to create depth in the room.

desk 2The console was brought in from another area of the home to be used as a desk.  It was stripped down for a natural look.

The room has a nice mix of natural elements sprinkled throughout the room such as the series of mirrors above the bed, burlap faux roman shade, rustic clock, and burlap pillows.  In contrast, the crisp white, shiny silver accent table, and white artichokes add a modern element for a nice blend to keep the room from going too modern or too earthy.  Metals are purposely mixed throughout to complete the look.  There are brass birds, a silver table, and a black iron light.

IMG_6476 We love the original dresser that happens to be handed down 3 generations.  It adds a nice element of simple character.  The mix of old and new, shiny and dull, texture and sleek, creates a layered and warm atmosphere.

The scale of the clock is a must to create some drama and to balance out the scale of the bed.

IMG_6506 Underfoot is a rug.  We used the flip side of the rug for the texture and muted color tones.  {And what a cute fat dog!}  Without the rug to ground the furniture, the dark walls would make the room appear to float.

Not all well designed rooms need to be expensive, there is a good mix of easy DIY projects and reuse of existing furniture to help out with the budget.  We know how to work within your budget and still create great results.

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