Project Update: A Welcoming Entry

Remember this Instagram (@livshowroom) we shared a few weeks ago of Pam and Deboni working hard and installing a gallery wall? photoWe just got the photos back from the photographer and wanted to share the finished space. IMG_5064This wall is the first thing visitors see when the door is opened and creates a great snap shot of the family. It is a collection of photos, prints, and paintings that all have special meaning to the family. IMG_5051 IMG_5045 IMG_4906The settee is inviting to visitors and provides a place to slip off shoes. We wanted to add a bit of whimsy to the space with the pillows and accessories to keep the space light hearted. IMG_4874 Here's a look back at the original design plan we created for this space. The finished space is just what we had envisioned. After we it was completed we received the nicest message from our client. Her son's reaction was so cute. It's great to see that even little kids are aware of and can appreciate their home.

"Thanks so much. This has been a fun experience, and the house is beautiful. Oliver commented about the gallery wall by asking me to not get mad if he walks a little slower down the stairs now. I think you and your team are amazing people!"