Fun Gallery Wall Ideas

insta wallAfter our post Monday featuring the gallery wall Pam and Deboni created leading up a staircase, we thought it'd be a great idea to talk about other ways to display your artwork and photography creatively.  The photo above was taken at the home of one of our favorite photographers, Sara Boulter.  She is also the talent behind the images you'll see in Room Recipes. This wonder wall is a fabulous way for her to show off her crazy mad skills and it works so well with the chalk board wall.  Kudos to her for such a lovely photo wall made up with her instagram shots.

Gallery Wall 2 This wall caught my attention because of the neutral pallet and the blend of similar frames used to create a subtle, structured look that compliments the danish modern dining table and chairs.

studio-inspiration-wall-6402The inspiration wall created by smitten, is a great idea for any creative person who has a steady flow of visual inspiration flowing through their workspace.  Washi tape makes this idea easy to keep as fluid as your creativity.

shelves gallery wallNot sure you want to commit to placing frames on the wall?  Adding rows of narrow shelves could be the perfect solution to achieve the look while having the ability to mix things up on a whim.

gallery wall 3I like seeing object mixed in with the frames for a little whimsical and unexpected interest.  Like the key in the image above, or the clock in the nursery below.

space-nursery-gallery-wallWant us to come out and create a gallery wall in your home?  We'd be delighted.  You know where to reach us.

LIV boldly