Extra Seating

barstoolsIn Monday's post featuring the beautiful and colorful room Deboni designed she stashed a few bar stools under the console table where they added some interest to the space.  Not only that, this fun use of space also addresses the issue of having additional seating for gatherings while keeping the design cohesive and colorful.  {We all have a love/hate relationship with the dreaded folding chairs stashed in the garage right?} It's so much more aesthetically pleasing and convenient to have seating already stashed within reach.  Using the space below a console table is an excellent multi functional way to achieve this without detracting from your beautiful room.

Below are a few options from Foreside for both stools and console tables.

Slide2 Slide1I'll leave you with a few inspiration images to get you dreaming.  Let's talk about extra seating next time you drop by the showroom.

sc0000d6eb classic-chic-beige-and-white-living-room living-room LivingRoom_Console LIV comfortably