Basement Concepts

basement 1 After Deboni's post last week on the basement remodel she has been working on, we thought it would be a great idea to talk about other ways to make your basement less about being a cave, or a miscellaneous catchall, and more about being a space you want to spend time enjoying life, especially this time of year when you can go downstairs and beat the heat. basement 2A few things to think about when designing a basement:

One - Function. What do you want to do with your space?

Does your family watch a lot of movies, play board games, or maybe a ping pong tournament is more your thing?  Basements are a place for gathering with family and letting your hair down, so the space should be all about what you do together.  Along with talking to your designer, talk to your family about how they see the space being used and come up with a game plan that includes everyone.


Two - Lighting

Because basements are typically deprived of natural light, pay special attention to your options when it comes to light sources.  Be creative and don't be sparse on this important element in your room.  Lighten up with floor lamps, well thought out overhead lighting, and if you're starting from the foundation up like Deboni's clients will be doing soon, be sure to go over the plans with a pro to make sure you're thinking about all available options to really get the most out of your lighting plan.

Luxury-Basement-Remodeling-Interior-IdeasThree - have fun

Because of the nature of basements - where you send the kids to work off their wiggles, where you go to unwind, this should be a space where you feel absolutely comfortable.  A well designed space can be super cozy while being beautiful.

And while we're talking about having fun, and not having a lot of natural light - If you've ever considered painting your walls a bold color but haven't had the guts upstairs - the basement is the perfect place to live out your dreams.  Light walls tend to go blah without natural light, so going darker gives more of a presence to your walls.  And selecting the perfect shade in a fun color will brighten things up.  This is an area where having a pro will be worth the money because this can also be a tricky thing to pull off.  Too dark, or too muddy a color and you've compounded the problem.  But don't let that get you down, you're friends at LIV are happy to come take a peak and get the ideas rolling.

Basement-Home-Theater-IdeasLIV comfortably