Unconventional Backsplashes

2-backsplash Starting out with the word 'unconventional' may seem like we're setting ourselves up for a design disaster.  Not so my friend.  Not all unconventional options should be considered outliers in your decisions on what to use in your home.  If you look at your place in the world as a way to express yourself there's nothing better than considering the unconventional.  What better way to make a statement that says "I'm confident in what I like" than questioning the norm and coming up with something that makes your heart happy?  But please don't misread this as taking unnecessary risks.  We're still all about timeless, tasteful interiors. When it comes to kitchen back-splashes we know the usual route is a really great tile or solid surface, so today we're chatting about taking the road less traveled to get those creative sparks flying.

As I started digging around the internet I was impressed by all the great ideas out there to mix things up a bit.  Chalkboard being at the top of my list.  Budget friendly, and very hot trend right now that would be OK to indulge in because you're not making a huge commitment.

blackboard backsplash 2blackboard backsplashChalkboard-Paint-Backsplash.pngGlass back splashes are next in my line up for a fun twist.  I've always been a huge fan of glass tile in just about any setting, so the idea of glass walls to it to the next level and kind of blew my mind.  Though my first doubt showed up when I thought about splatter.  But done correctly, I think it'd be easy clean up.

621 Glass-Kitchen-Backsplash-IdeasBead board might not seem unconventional if you're thinking in terms of country style living.  It could lend itself nicely to a dressed down casual look if that's what your after.  Nothing says comfortable and relaxed like some really pretty bead board.

beadboard backsplash black-and-white-beadboard-kitchen

Placement also can change the predictable to unexpected in a hurry.  Like the photo below.  I really like how far up they took the bead board.

white-kitchenLIV creatively