Festive Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are a unique way to create festive table and mantle centerpieces for the holidays. Apothecary jars are a good  investment because they can be pulled out and filled with different items for different holidays, allowing you to use them over and over again. Check out these fun ideas:


Fill apothecary jars of all shapes and sizes with colored candies. Use candies that are the same color for an elegant, monochromatic look or multicolored candies for a more  festive look. Some ideas for candies include jelly beans, M & M's, gummy  bears, lollipops, conversation hearts or peppermints. Tie coordinating bows around the middle portion of the vases to accent the centerpiece.


A joyous holiday centerpiece includes apothecary jars filled with ornaments. The round, shiny balls look great in the jars, or you could use other types of  ornaments such as pinecones, branches, greens, ribbons and candles. Fill apothecary jars with the ornaments and set them on top of a silver platter for extra sparkle. This looks pretty with all silver ornaments for an elegant dinner centerpiece for a holiday meal.


Fruits, either sliced or whole, look fresh and inviting when placed in apothecary jars. Fill the jars with water and float sliced oranges, limes and lemons in the vase for a citrus-themed centerpiece, or fill jars with ripe red apples and cinnamon sticks for a holiday-themed decoration. Apothecary jars can be used for other holidays as well. Float apples in a vase half full of water for a fun Halloween decoration, or fill several vases with different fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries and  blueberries for a summer centerpiece.

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