Let There be Light (and lots of seats)!

Once again, I'm back to give you a sneak peak inside our book Sanctuary: Essential Wisdom for an Inspired Home!  If you haven't noticed on Instagram or Pinterest...light, white and bright spaces are all the rage.  These spaces instantly draw us in visually and physically.  And that's why I'm featuring this project from the "Light & Sound" section of our book!  We quoted Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz in this section saying, "Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space."  But light doesn't just mean lamps and fixtures.  

In this fabulous featured project, we got to work brightening the space with color.  Our client purchased this new home (which was formerly a model) and the home's dark wood floors, tan walls and dark cabinetry didn't reflect their personal taste.  So we softened the wall color and added layers of white and cream in the furniture and decor.  Here's what the former model home looked like before we got our hands on it.

And here are a few of the design boards for the family room.

And the much awaited after pictures full of light and color.


The client wanted room for their large family and guests to gather.  So we got to work by adding fourteen seats to the existing dining seats.  Now there is room for everyone to gather in this one space!  And we beefed up the mantel that previously felt out of proportion to the room.  

Of course we did add actual light fixtures too.  The accent lighting adds an extra layer of light and warmth.  The more options for lighting, the better!

The overall story of this space is casual, light, fresh, and colorful.  The light background allowed for pops of color in pillows and accessories.  

In the book, we stated, "Light is more than sight.  It creates warmth in our souls and enhances our experiences."  This statement couldn't be more true for this special updated family space!

As always, love where you liv,



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