Freshen Up and Update While Working With What You've Got

We've been working with a great family that wanted a new look for their great room area. They had been debating on whether to rip up all of the existing slate tile and carpet and laying new hardwoods down or leaving the slate tile as is and just freshening up with a new carpet. I recommend keeping one consistent flooring material throughout great rooms so I was on the new hardwood side. However, the wife really loved her slate floors and the expense of replacing it would eat into their budget and may limit some of the other projects they were wanting to do. Since they felt leaving the slate as is was best for their family we used it as the jumping off point for the color palette.

Let's take a look at some before shots before we get into the design plan.

The slate floor and the cabinets are the only things that will be staying as is.

Our first challenge was the furniture plan. Their main goal of the project in the family room area was to gain more seating. We thought removing the angled fireplace would be a great place to gain some space. With that removed, we placed a long sectional under the windows. At first they were unsure about the sectional since they were used to having a walkway to the patio door there but since seating was the #1 priority the sectional made the most sense. With 2 accent chairs flanking the fireplace we were able to add at least 3-5 more seats (depending on how cozy you want to get). Plus the ottomans could also be used to add seating when needed.

Once the furniture plan was nailed down we turned our attention to the fireplace wall. Here's what we came up with.

We were careful to not take the mantel up too high since we wanted to place the TV above it and still be able to comfortably view it. We will be framing a recessed niche into the wall for the TV to the face of it will be flush with the wall. We kept the details clean and simple with a bit of a craftsman flair.

The existing maple railing didn't quite work with our new white built in so it will be replaced with simple box newels and square balusters. We like to keep the handrail and newels stain grade (since they are places that get touched) and the balusters white. The back wall of the staircase will also be getting it's own finish work treatment. Creating a grid using MDF slats and painting the entire wall white is a great way to create texture and often eliminates the need to fill that wall with artwork.

Stromberg STAIRS.jpg

Now that the bones of the space were in order it was time for the fun stuff (furniture, fixtures, and finishes). Using the slate was our jumping off point, we chose gray and navy with yellow accents.

Stromberg family.jpg
Stromberg dining.jpg

We can't wait to see it all come together.

Pamela JensenComment