Phase One of Coffee House and Cafe is Complete

We are so pleased to announce that phase 1 of the coffee-house and cafe in the showroom is complete!  Two Creek Coffee House (a locally owned, operated, and certified organic coffee-house) is up and running.  They will now be serving coffee, tea, and hot chocolate daily.  And the best part? There's a drive through! (entered from 5th South in Bountiful in  between Lynn's and Einstein's) Now you can get your morning fix without stepping foot into the bitter cold.  They will be open on Christmas Eve morning and all next week.  Look for their green sign on the road.  They are open bright and early (or dark and early at this time of year).  Phase 2: interior lounge and bistro and phase 3: pastries and sandwiches will be coming soon.  We wanted the showroom to be a comfortable and fun atmosphere to be in, where patrons can sit and stay a while and maybe discuss design with some of our designers and we fell that Two Creek is a great addition to the team. Embarrassing story for the day: I was lucky enough to try a steaming cup of Valrhona hot chocolate sweetened with pumpkin spice syrup (so delish!). So I finish my cup and go about my day helping customers with their last-minute Christmas shopping.  An hour or two later, I look in the mirror and see chocolate lining my lips! I was so embarrassed! I had been going about my day like a 2-year-old after a treat.  So if you come in the store and see my lips lined in chocolate, please tell me and save me a little embarrassment.  I do highly recommend the hot chocolate however.  I believe they have other flavored syrups if pumpkin spice isn't your thing.