Glam + Livable Comfort = Elegant Perfection

While the glam style isn't currently the latest Instagram and Pinterest rage, we often find clients coming to us that still want to add a bit of "bling" to their space.   But, more than any other style, this one has to be controlled pretty carefully.  What's ironic about glam is that too many of those glam elements actually make a space look well....cheao. They key is moderation.  

In our White Sands Lane project, the client had a clear desire for a bit of glam and luxury, but wanted her home to also be livable and comfortable for her family with small children.  Here's how we pulled off the look to achieve both goals.

In the living space, we added in the luxurious items in gold finishes, glass & mirror, gemmed and beaded pillows, shiny accessories, velvet chairs, and velvet pillows.  Now that's a lot of glam!  But you see that we paired those down by mixing them with matte and dark finishes, neutral walls, and linen textured drapery panels and a cute linen settee.  The mix of natural elements complement the shine.  Perfection! Am I right?!  

The family room needed to feel even more livable. Adding a fresh white (with a simple design) in the built ins, linen roman shades, and texture to the fireplace balance the velvet ottomans, gold finishes, and other shiny accessories.  

In the kitchen, the travertine floors and wood island tone tone down the bling from the dining room. That dining light (perfectly named as the Bling light!) is one of our all time favorites for this look.  It adds a statement and declares luxury.  And luckily it comes in other sizes so we can use it in other applications-love that!  While the dining area in this family home is certainly on the more formal side, we kept it from going overboard with the subtle roman shades and rustic finish of the round table.  

The takeaway here is to balance out the shiny textures with naturals for an elegant but livable look.   When you do that, the results are elegant perfection! 


As always, we are glad you stopped by by, and we love reading your kind and thoughtful comments.   

Liv Luxuriously, 


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