Nautical Inspired Boy's Bedroom

I had a client request a little help with the finishing touches on their sons' bedroom.  I sent over several ideas for bedding fabric and the boys picked several that they loved.  The fabrics they chose had a definite nautical feel to it so we decided to take that inspiration and run with it. Here is the original room concept:The fabrics they selected were really bold and graphic with a whimsical sketchy print.  The boys were adament that they not have a "girls" room and an easy to make bed (they were currently sleeping on top of their bedding in sleeping bags to avoid making their beds).  The design we came up with is clean and crisp and all it takes to make the bed is smoothing out the quilt (which is going to be hand made in bold horizontal red and white stripes by Grandma) and tossing the pillows back on.  To keep costs down, we mixed in store bought pieces and hand made pieces with a couple custom pillows and roman shades. All the furniture pieces are existing.  Red accessories, a series of "porthole" mirrors, and personalized lamps finish off the space. Here's a really quick sketch of the bedding design.  I think it's important for our children to have rooms that they are excited about and they had a hand in creating.  It helps them feel pride in their space and want to take better care of it.  If you think your kids could a little enthusiasm with their rooms drop us a quick email