Brightening Up a Family Room

A few months ago we were asked to help brighten up a client's family room. Their children were getting older and they wanted to transition the design to a more sophisticated sitting room while keeping the TV part of the design. Here's what the room looked like when we first met. 

They had already added great paneling on a feature wall but it was being covered up with large TV unit. Removing that piece really helped to open up the space. Here is the design plan we came up with incorporating a few of their existing pieces into the design:

Foukas 1.jpg

We kept the key pieces neutral and added a lot of pop with a great sunny yellow rug. Our client was also really drawn to corals and blues paired with the yellow so we incorporated those colors into the pillows. We combined a lot of pattern but kept the scale of each pattern different which help create balance and kept it from getting too busy. The upholstery pieces (2 of our favorite frames from Norwalk Furniture the Chester and the Renee) were covered in super durable polyester fabrics so even those great cream chairs will be easy to clean and stay looking great for years to come. We suggested placing a large cabinet beneath a wall mounted TV to keep the space open.

This room is a great example of how we collaborate with our clients. This client decided to move forward with most of the pieces we recommended but selected some items on her own to help keep costs down. She also decided to keep her existing coffee table since it was a quality piece and worked with our accent colors. The end result was a great mix new and existing pieces and really highlighted our clients personality.

Here is the result: 

IMG_1090 (2) (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1077 (2) (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1082 (2) (683x1024).jpg
IMG_1106 (2) (1024x683).jpg
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