Sofa Sneak Peak

Putting together a sampling of some of our favorite and well priced sofas for the showroom was a challenge.  We love so many pieces but because of space and the all-powerful cash scenario, we narrowed down our selection to our favorites.  Yep, and you get a preview before the store opens. Our showroom is super different than most furniture stores so don't expect and  3 piece matching sets here.  Each piece is unique and well thought out for our showroom.  We designed each piece going into our store with care,  just like we'd design a clients home.

You'll see that the pieces all feel very approachable and comfortable with a natural feeling.

First for the big eye catcher is this gorgeous curved sofa appropriately titled,   "Curve your Enthusiasm".  What a show stopper.  We married it with this super cute tailored chair the "Tailor Made". 

The "Social Butterfly" is a dynomite piece that can add a little class to any room.  Loving the detail on this one.  In a corner paired with side table or doubled up in  seating arrangment, either way it's a conversation starter for sure.

"Watch my Back" will be the head chairs in our main dining room plan.  Drool.  These chairs are beyond popular right now and are a great way to soften up the dining area's hard surfaces.

We love the arm detail on the "Avendale Sofa" and the casters.  The leg up off the floor a little higher than typical rounds out the special features on this unique sofa.


When you first walk into the showroom you'll see the clean lines, natural fabric, and cute details of this great "Beaumont Sofa".  This is one versatile pieces that could work in so many places.  We had to have it.


Finally, I may have saved the best for last.  Our clients are loving these super cute chairs.  In a pair these really say something without feeling stuffy and overdone.  This skirted look is so popular right now and we just couldn't go without looking at these everyday.  If you smile when you look at them, just imagine how you'd feel sitting in it. There's a reason it's called "Comfy Cozy".  I can't wait!