Order in the House!

Just because a room serves many activities doesn't mean it has to look cluttered or.....well.....ugly.  The prime location of this room, relative to the heart of the home, meant it was the perfect space to do quadruple duty in the function department.  The homeowners requested the room to be both a eating place, office space, homework center, and a place for family games.  So our design solution plan began with a unique seating area and a focal-point built in. 


We opted for white walls to make the soft neutral gray built-ins pop and accentuate the light pouring in from the bank of french doors.   A mirror perfectly placed above the sofa reflects more light and the gorgeous views of the  mountain-side backyard.  We styled up the pretty cabinet with kitchen necessities that come in handy for informal meals in this space.

We designed the cabinet with oversized doors and a roll-out keyboard to hide the computer and it's components.  It's even pretty inside too! This spot makes a great homework and computer area right in the center of family activity.

To complete the look, a hint of pink was added for this busy mom who lives in a house ruled by boys!

Oh, and yes, this room is featured in our book Sanctuary!  Of course it is!  Of all of our projects, this room fit perfectly into the important section called "Order" in the book.  As we mentioned in the book, order is a both a mental and physical function.  And it's a HUGE key to good design. (I say this as I'm dying over the paper piles and toys on the floor of my office....sigh.  Time for intervention...as soon as this blog post is done!) In this room, the built-ins (so everything had a place and the components could be hidden) were the key to keeping order in this space. 

As always, we are glad you stopped by by, and we love reading your kind and thoughtful comments.   Off to get that office in order!

Liv Comfortably,




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