Merry Christmas Brooklyn!

We know Christmas was weeks ago but we wanted to share a design we completed for one of our client's daughters as a Christmas gift. Back during the first part of December I received a text from one of my client's whose front room I had installed right before Thanksgiving. Brooklyn had told her mom she wanted me to put a design plan together for her bedroom when asked what she wanted for Christmas (how adorable is that?) and they were hoping I'd be able to get something done in time. I was to complete a design just in time for Christmas.

Here is the wish list I was given: upholstered headboard, bold color (pink, turquoise), a comfy funky chair, pillows on her window seat, and a place to display her trophies.

Mom and Dad wanted something nice but didn't want to spend a ton of money since 12 year olds have been known to change their minds from time to mind. Right as I started searching for suitable and affordable furniture I stumbled on a blog post by a local designer named Kirsten Krason. The room just happened to have the exact color feel we were going for. Kirsten had used the most adorable pink upholstered headboard that she had found at Costco of all places (I had no idea Costco even carried furniture). Not only was it darn cute it was a great pink color, checked off one of my wish list items, and it was a steal of deal. I was also completely smitten with the gold unicorn head Kirsten had incorporated into her design. Using the headboard and unicorn as my inspiration I got down to the business of putting the plan together.

Here's what I came up with:

Color Palette copy.jpg

I built the color palette around one of our all time favorite printed fabrics. The print is going to set the tone of the room and be a focal point as roman shades. Pops of color were sprinkled around the space.


We kept the majority of furniture pieces pretty neutral with a lot of white. That may the pieces can grow and evolve as she does.

Furniture Plan.jpg
Headboard Elevation.jpg
Window Seat Elevation.jpg

There is a framed in bench that runs the length of one wall. I suggested adding built in bookcases on top to make the bench make a little bit more sense (and add a great place to display trophies). The face of the bench will be paneled and everything will be painted white so it looks like one piece. Plug in library lights will highlight her collections. And of course we will be layering several pillows on the bench as Brooklyn requested.

I think I was able to check of all of the items on the wish list and the best part is that Brooklyn loves it! We'll share some photos of the completed space in a couple of weeks.

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