LIV for Spring!!

Hello there spring!  We've been missing you.  We are sooo glad to see you again (or to know that you're at least on your way). If you're anything like us, you're chomping at the bit to add a little spring to your step and into your home.  Here are some quick, easy, and affordable ways to add some spring into your home.

1. Swap out your pillows: Nothing can change the look of your space quite like new pillows.  Adding fun pops of color and pattern with your pillows is a great way to add a little spring into your home. 

2. Add brightly colored throws: Throws are another great way to introduce a pop of color and they sure come in handy when the weather is transitioning, and let's face it, the weather in Utah in spring has a hard time making up its mind.

3. Change out drapery to lighter weight printed cottons or linens or go unlined for a more airy feel. 

4. Bring in your spring flowers: Steal from your neighbors garden as the new growth comes in and bring a little spring inside your home.   Or you can pick up some very affordable flowers at your local supermarket.  We recently spent about $20 for some spring flowers and they added sooo much cheerfulness to our showroom.  It's definitely worth a couple bucks every now and then.  We just put them in some old mason jars and instantly spread a little spring.

5. Add a little greenery: Bring in moss, boxwoods, and grasses to chase away the winter blues.

6. Bring in a bit of Easter (or any other motif that reminds you of spring) we brought in some marble and glass eggs

7. Swap out your heavy duvet for a crisp white coverlet to get ready for the warmer weather which is on its way

8. Add some blooming branches

9. Change your scent: if you have candles, air freshener, or the like in your home swap them out to any scent that reminds you of spring.  For me it's citrus, lilac, and lavender.  Also try changing your soaps and cleaning supplies to more springy smell.

10. Be a little fruity: We love to decorate with fruit.  Bring it in with bowls, trays, apothecary jars.  You can use real or faux.  The bonus of using real is it adds that citrus smell and you are more likely to eat it when it's right at your finger tips.

11. Let in the LIGHT! Open your drapes and blinds to bring in a sunlight we've all been missing so much.

Happy Spring!