Looks of Liv: Refined European

One of the biggest compliments we get as the Liv team is that you are all impressed with our variety of styles. Often you can look any given Pinterest image and spot the designer because of a distinct style. Our design team loves that we can work our creative magic on various styles;  designing in multiple design styles shows true talent. Doing the same style over and over again isn't appealing to our designers because it doesn't stretch their design skills and frankly isn't very thrilling. Plus, the builders we work with appreciate that they aren't limited to one aesthetic for their client which enables their potential to get more clients.  

So today we wanted to share one of our client's most favorite looks:  Refined European. The look has an east-coast flair and is more lived-in but formal than some of the other styles. It is a Utah family-favorite for sure because of the mix of formality and comfort. Refined European homes feel relaxed and inviting with their soft, warm tones and soft curves.  


Come explore more of the Refined European style at Liv today!

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