Project Show and Tell

Last night as I was taking a bath and trying to relax and read a book I started thinking about my list of things that needed to get done the next day (don't you wish your brain had an off bottom?). First on the list was sharing the professional photos of the room Deboni mentioned on Monday on the blog. As I thought about the space a room popped into my head from one of my favorite designer's Jamie Drake.

When I was in college Jamie was part of our visiting designer series. As part of the series, we presented designs we'd each come up with for one of his own clients. That was my favorite and probably most difficult projects in college. He made us all feel comfortable though because he was so down to earth and respectful of us piddly college students. Jamie also gave a presentation on some of his work. This room was probably my in his portfolio. I believe it is a room in his home in the Hamptons. He had said that this room is one of the reasons he has a reputation of being the "King of Color" which was funny to him because almost everything in this room is neutral except the curtains, ottoman, and some accessories. This room is a great example of how just the right amount of bold color sprinkled throughout the space can have a lot of impact.

The space we'd like to share has many similar elements. Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot:

The house is gorgeous historic home in Holladay. It's been updated beautifully while maintaining all of the original charm. This room is their living room right off the entry. It gets absolutely amazing light but wasn't really used much other than for piano and harp practice. She wanted something comfortable but playful with bold accents in coral.

The rest of the room is very neutral and tone on tone so we didn't want to veer too drastically from that. I like certain items in a space to be the star of the show with other parts playing a supporting role. The star in this space if definitely what could very likely be the world's most adorable ottoman. The bold patterned rug, and pops of coral and aqua throughout the room are the supporting characters. It's all offset with a very neutral backdrop to allow the star to be star.

We have been working like crazy and have a bunch more projects that we will be sharing soon.

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