Project Show and Tell

Remember when we shared our design plan to combine a kitchen with an unneeded guest room behind into one large functional family kitchen? Today we are so excited to share photos of the finished space with you. Let's remind ourselves what the before looked like: 

And here is how it looks now:

IMG_1401 (2) (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1410 (2) (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1411 (2) (683x1024).jpg
IMG_1412 (2) (683x1024).jpg
IMG_1417 (2) (683x1024).jpg
IMG_1420 (2) (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1453 (2) (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1493 (2) (683x1024).jpg
IMG_1495 (2) (683x1024).jpg
IMG_1483 (2) (683x1024).jpg

Eliminating the wall between the two rooms and adding 2 windows created a bright and airy kitchen. The kitchen looks beautiful but more importantly it functions really well for the family. The double islands creates 2 distinct zones: the cooking and prep space, and a gathering space. This allows a bunch of people to be in the space without getting in the cooks way. This was a pretty tricky space to work with but we couldn't be more pleased with the way the space turned out. We are so glad our clients' love it too.

Pamela JensenComment