Enjoy Simple Design

Can I just tell you that since Thanksgiving I've gotten frustrated with our industry in that we have become a part of the “overwhelm” problem? Several days in a row I was browsing through my feed (granted I follow I slew of designers since it's our business), and I was OVERWHELMED. I found myself feeling like I needed to redo the room I just did! I had the sense there was something better out there, and I needed to buy, buy, buy. This feeling then converted over into my mind as a business owner thinking I needed to increase my marketing campaign and ....

Then I stopped and realized we must simplify. True design, beautiful timeless homes, and the design and installation should NOT stress us out but should be done with ease. My focus has shifted to creating simple, not in-your-face solutions, for families who want nice spaces but aren't striving to be on the cusp of every latest trend which results in changing out their house every eight months to keep up.  



During those several days of overwhelming emotions one of my favorite designers Marie Flannigan quoted Leonardo da Vinci as stating:

 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

She continuted on to pen this: "Over the years, I’ve discovered that the most powerful moments within a home often present themselves through negative space. Rather than fill rooms with countless things, we should select treasures thoughtfully and then offer those treasures the freedom required to tell their story."

When I read that I was elated that we were on the same page as I think many designers (and most humans) are. Sometimes we find ourselves getting too caught up in what everyone else is doing. We need to remember good design is simplicity; it should not spur "overwhelm."


Recently, we started a "What Design Is Not" campaign. Design isn't reactive -- such as using pinterest images, bloggers images, etc. And it certainly isn't shopping. Shopping to some degree is a piece of design, but constant change and shopping isn't true design. A design plan is needed and shopping can certainly happen within the process.  

Not that there's anything wrong with shopping, just remember to distinguish between the two: design is design and shopping is shopping. Some people like to shop and change out their space frequently and keep up with what's latest and greatest. Although, often we just shop for the sake of shopping as a hobby – yes, I admit, it can be fun!  However, we shouldn't be overwhelmed about it like how I felt for those several days. As an industry, designers need to get better about promoting our services and products without blatantly shoving it in your face, or in nowadays in your feed. I sincerely hope we haven't been a part of the problem.


Our goal is to strive to be here as a resource for our busy clients and for you. Our aim is not to make you feel like your space will NEVER be good enough leaving you with the urge you must always be changing. That is not the case. Let your space tell your story because no one else has your story.


Lisa FlindersComment