UN-creep your cave...

Yep. This is a cave.


This next picture can be a cave too...minus the windows.

Lets chat about what works in this picture!


 ..and... there's nothing...Ahem...

...well, maybe the mirror... moving on... Ahem (awkward pause)...

 Like a cave, this space is not a place I'd want to bring myself (let alone guests or clients). Creating a cozy, comfy space with really high ceilings is a daunting challenge. Most designers will agree with me on that.

Sooooo, "great, I've got this super tall ceiling, now what?"

You've got yourself a tall ceiling, maybe a great room, or an entry way, possibly a master bedroom, but lets not limit ourselves! Lets work with whatever large space you have avoided because of its size, and bring it out of the cave-man era into this century!

 That's right. Stop squatting on the tiny furniture you've purchased because of the tiny price tag and get you some furniture that fits the size of the room. I'm not talking giant size furniture you need a ladder to get into, I'm talking about furniture with MASS baby! Pieces that will really anchor the room and keep you sane!

Check this out:


This sofa, the Barrington made by Norwalk (strictly a "Made in the USA company), which is customizable (and conveniently available through our design studio) in hundreds, even thousands of upholstery options is a SUPERB option for a large-scale room.

1. Its got a high back! The higher the back, the "larger" it looks, which makes a taller space feel more comfortable and proportional

2. Upholstered in a darker, or highly textured fabric, this couch will add much needed weight and mass to the room

"Super" you say to yourself, "I'm done reading this blog now because I'm not decorating my living room, it's my master bedroom and I can't sleep on a sofa every night!" Well, I said before, we are limitless here, so if its a bedroom you're talking about, get a tall headboard silly, which of course any one of the LIV showroom designers can advise you on!  Or build yourself a fake headboard by mounting  some slats of wood (stained in your choice of colors) behind your bed to create the visual appearance of a "taller" headboard!

There! Done! Now you've got the size of your furniture, what to do with the walls? Easy-peasy!! It's a well know fact that lighter colors make a space seem larger and darker colors tend to make a space seem smaller, so don't be afraid of darker colors in your space.


See the darker, rich colors! See the MASS of the coffee tables? See the size of the built-in? And the couch is large too (but you can't see it all, you're just gonna have to trust me on that one).

Just so we're clear, I don't want you to get confused, thinking that if you add lots of little trinkets or small items, it will fill your space.


I will bet you a million bucks, your room will end up feeling like your grandmas "old treasured doll collection" ...sorry grandma. Too much clutter! BACK OFF!!

Now, if you group your collectibles like the popular gallery walls, or display them all in one area, as in the above in the display case, or in one intentional group, like below, then you may be justified collecting, just go easy...and be intentional.


Totally...fabulous!!! Create mass by grouping your "stuff" into one area in stead of spreading it everywhere! Yay! We're finally getting somewhere.

How about those windows? Remember the first picture, you know the one that made you want to run away?

I'm going to bet you've long forgotten because it's so forgettable, but, look at the window treatments! What IS that? My old prom dress hanging as awkwardly as I felt wearing it...???

My point is that if you are going to put window treatments on your windows, do it RIGHT! Hire a professional who can measure, (yep LIV designers can do that) then have custom-made, a perfect set of drapes which will make the room feel cozy and not so prom-like (a period in my life I would like to erase from my memory). Make sure your window treatments are deliberate. Lets not pretend with a fakey-try... bad idea.

Here's a better example of drapes for a large scale drapes, which DO NOT remind me of my prom...


In the end, if you feel totally out of your realm, maybe a quick chat with a designer is the best idea after all! Come talk to us anytime!

Happy Decorating!


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