The In-between Space

One of my favorite spaces in my home is the "in-between" space like I focused on in my book, Sanctuary: Essential Wisdom for an Inspired Home. I love creating that corner spot that allows a person to be a part of a something, yet still away. As a mother of four, I often need my space. For many of us, life can be busy, stressful and often overwhelming. For a home to properly support its household members, it should always provide places of escape from the busyness of life.

We love creating these intimate spaces for clients, too. An in-between space can be a simple niche, a desk, or even a corner seating area that's not a part of the main action of the home. It's neither public nor private but somewhat off the side.

A quote from the book:

"An in-between space allows you to pull away form the core while still being a part of it at the same time. Areas such as niches, desks, window seats, alcoves, and even a simple corner can create an in-between space. These small areas create places to be "alone" but still be in the presence of the family and be socially connected. Many of our daily functions are private, but in our efforts to keep communal, our common areas must provide the ability to allow for those private functions within the larger functions of the room."

In-between spaces allow a time to pause and reflection.

We love how this comfy spot in a recent client's home draws you right in. Since it's especially wide, it's a great snuggle spot.

A chair, or pair of chairs, set off near a fireplace is perfect for creating an in-between space. Sometimes the fireplace can be part of the main activity but also enables some separation and more of a private zone.


Nothing makes a space feel like an "unwind" space than a darling pooch.
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