In Progress: His & Hers Offices

A design first for me is designing his and hers offices spaces connected with a printing/storage passthrough and shared bath. We haven’t gotten too deep into the finishing touches yet (can’t wait to select fabrics!), but the visioning, cabinet drawings, and color schemes are coming to life! This plan shows the main floor of the house. The two offices are at the bottom and tucked away from the main living area of home. His office has expansive windows to the back lakeside views! Her office is at the front of the home. Out her window is the shed and we’ve determined to create a magical garden experience.


Getting any work done in HIS office might be impossible! Corner TV, a full white-board wall, and lakeside views may just make concentrating on work a little difficult! The room is masculine and earthy with grey toned cabinets, putty colored walls, and deep plaids & tweeds. Green will be the main accent color in this space.


We created a full wall of built-ins around the windows to create a focal point and make the space more functional with storage. They love metal mesh and office ladders and his office was the perfect spot for both. These clients have fantastic taste and makes my job easy!


Her office is a bit softer, but equally as cool. The vibe is more fresh with white cabinets and the same putty walls. The rug was originally selected for his office, but because she loved it so much we decided to move it to hers. Since the rug has a beautiful slate blue we decided pull that color in her son’s desk. She’s not in love with gold so we opted for a classic nickel finish in her hardware.


Her built-ins are perfect for display and a cozy bench seat.


Construction is just beginning on this home in Daybreak with Rainey Homes. Can’t wait to share progress and final selection for these rooms and the rest of this amazing home!

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