Lighten up!

 Ever wonder if there is a secret recipe to that sneaky thing called "enough light"? I would dare say, unless you are my 15 yr old teenage son, you like light in every form, most especially in an inviting space.

 It's a tricky thing called phototropisim. No I'm not talking botany or biology--no fungus or mold this time, because in the world of interior design, phototropisim is the natural human response to light, we are drawn to it biologically (oops sorry biology is in there...). Maybe we're more like fungus than I realized?? But I digress... moving on...

 There's a space in every home that just doesn't seem to have enough light. Right now the closet in my master bedroom is seriously lacking for light, and that's another story...

  I'm talking about an entry, hallway, living or sleeping space you wish had just a little more light. Now think hard, how do you get around it?

 I sincerely wish every interior wall space would come with this warning sticker:

   *WARNING: DO NOT PAINT THE SPACE WHITE- painting this wall white will only look dull and dirty in low light, creating a dingy, murky feel to the room.


 Let's explore some options!

1. Walls: it can be tempting to paint them white. DON'T! Find a light shade of a color you love and paint it that color OR go bold and intense to make the walls stand-out!

2. Furniture: keep it light in color and low in profile, which will make the space feel more light!


3. Add shiny accents such as mirrors, or reflective surfaces (all these are available at our store)

4. Add a lamp with an open-top shade so light will spill into your space

5. Find white accessories and add them throughout your space.

5. Consult an expert! (my favorite) Come see the experts at LIV. We work with color and space dilemmas ALL day. No seriously, we do!


 Come chat and we'll be glad to help with any of your design dilemmas.




Happy Designing and Lighten up!

Jen Butler

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