Liv Loves: Easy Fall Tweaks

Last week we taught you how to make a few simple changes to cozy up your space for fall. Now we have rounded up a few of our favorite items to help you accomplish bringing that coziness into your home. First, you'll want to swap out some pillows for the new fall colors that are more subtle and less stark than you used in spring. It's tough to pick our favorite fall tones, but Shaded Spruce and Tawny Port (the saturated plum color!) are on the top of the list!

Liv Loves- Fall 831-2-page-1.jpg

You'll also want to switch out a couple of florals along with a few accessories that have a cozier texture.  Here's a few that we carry at Liv that we love.

Liv Loves- Fall 831-2-page-0.jpg

Love were you liv,


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