Designer Spotlight: Lindsay's Springtime Tip

"I'm going to be very real for a bit. While I totally agree with all of the tips to get your house ready for spring and love the added life just switching out a few things can give to your space and your enjoyment, having the time and energy to pull it off is tricky. That's why I love to start with a neutral base. When I design, I like to create a sophisticated look with lots of textures (like leather) and mixtures of whites, creams, light and dark greys, and other neutrals (navy is another favorite). I mix in subtle patterns too. Then when it comes time for a seasonal switch-out, or for adding a bit of seasonal décor, you don't have to redesign the whole space. Creating a home shouldn't be time consuming or hard – that stress and pressure is the opposite of what home means."

Liv like you mean it,


Liv ShowroomComment