6 Simple Space Tune Ups

Your whole house or your whole room doesn't always need to be remodeled.  You might not have the time, money or the need for all that updating. Sometimes, your home just needs a little tune up and we know exactly how to help in that department!

Here are 6 simple steps you can follow to tune-up your home and give your family a fresh space to enjoy:

Of all these steps, this might be the one place you need a bit of direction. Having the right plan will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run and with a little upfront planning, you can do the rest on your own.


This light and bright space is the perfect example of a room that just needed a plan. We created a road map for the client so she could easily make changes when ready. The room was a walk-through space to outside making it trickier than your average room. We came up with the layout and color scheme so the client had some direction to make the whole process much easier. 

Because it’s such a simple and inexpensive solution, lighting is one of our favorite ways to make a room unique and on trend. We love using dark (black or bronze) or gold lights for a more current look. As you'll learn more below in "Style it" go for bigger scale on lights too!

The light in here is so "on trend" and it adds some modern glam to the room. Even though it’s a flush-mounted piece, it still a big addition to the living room plan.  This space was lucky enough to get updates in all 6 areas covered. Fresh paint brightened this originally dark room coupled with window treatments that make the room feel more grand, but also soften the space.  Current textiles in conservative colors make the room feel updated without being super trendy.  A bowl full of pink peonies is the perfect way to update a coffee table grouping.  When you have a plan in place, you can take each one of these elements and implement them in phases when budget allows. 

Our favorite window treatments are drapery panels that go floor to ceiling and roman shades (either faux or real). Often we put a roller shade under the roman for light or privacy control. Window treatments add softness to a room and the hard edges of a window, plus they can add a ton of personality. 

In the room above, we had to think about how the window treatments worked in conjunction with the cabinetry and taking all of the elements into consideration. The result- a space that doesn’t have an awkward treatment that isn’t balanced or functional.

The kitchen above is more recently updated, the modern color and pattern of the roman shade brightens the space.

While the two rooms here are very different schemes, they both showcase how easy a room can be transformed with a rug and pillows.  Doing it right isn’t always easy, but when done right, the look can be completely changed just by mixing in fresher colors and patterns in textiles.

We know that EVERYBODY knows that paint is an easy update to any room. Today’s schemes are brighter and whiter than before, so most often our clients are lightening their wall colors. Check out these great ways we’ve used paint to make a big impact.  If you have a full design plan, you'll know just what to do to make paint transform your space.

Simply swapping out a few dark and heavy décor pieces goes along way.  Often when we come to style a room we remove double (or more!) of the accessories that we add back in.  Most of the time, with styling less is more.  And use larger scale as a guideline- go bigger on lamps and art.   Take that first step in removing most of the clutter that comes as you decorate over time.  Then add back in some of our favorites like trays, relevant stacks of books, peonies or cherry blossoms in an organic display.

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Want to get started on your tune up? Contact us to create your plan today!

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