Drop the spray and walk away

I don't like a space that appears to be mauled by design, if you get my drift.  My hair dresser once counseled me on fixing my hair, "Just give it your best shot and than drop the spray and walk away ."  Wise words that can be carried over into various aspects of life and especially design.  Coming up with a concept, a feel, a vision for the room is what we do as designers, but sometimes we can all get carried away.  Its so easy to do when there are so many amazing products and materials on the market today and they continue to come out with more and more every year.  It doesn't help that we have websites like Pinterest and Houzz keeping us up until the wee hours of the night (not that I know anything about that!) Morning comes and we think, "I need to do it all.  Maybe if I just added one more thing here and one more thing there..." Before you know it, you've over done it!

One place that seems to get either completely overlooked or overdone is window treatments.  Here is a photo from freshome of a new trend in window treatments you will be seeing more of this year and one that I find refreshing: sheers!

The scale of this drape is spot on, drawing the eye up and out to the beautiful view. The rich burnt orange adds contrast to an otherwise neutral space, but it remains simplistic in function and material.  All of these characteristics create harmony within this space. The style and feel - its all there.  They didn't add 5 more pillows, a valance and more artwork - they simply fulfilled the vision and than walked away and it feels complete.

And how do you know when you need to drop the spray and walk away?  Oh, you'll know!  Its that moment when, after attempting a Julia Child recipe, you're sitting on your kitchen floor mixer and spatula on your lap crying to yourself and you're husband walks in and says, "its just biscuits."  That's when you'll know. Its when you've gone to every single HomeGoods in the state for two more drawer pulls.  Walk away!  Drop the darn spray, get back in the car and go home.  The idea in design is to create the feel...not to loose your mind on the details or go over the top.  So go grab yourself an espresso or a piece of chocolate (I prefer dark with salt), do your best and than let it go.  You an also stop in to the LIV and we'll help you get those finishing touches without overdoing it!


Until next time,