Liv Loves: Splurge & Save

Some items in design are worth a splurge. You know, that nice upholstery you want to be sure that you don't have to replace too soon, or those one-of-a-kind pieces that really makes the space. As designers, our job it to value-engineer the project for you so you can stay within your budget. Often that means sacrificing in a few areas and finding less expensive options.  So, we have created a gallery of our favorite cheats. When we do our jobs correctly, it's pretty hard to discern when we are cheating. Mixing the splurges with the value items is the trick!

Even our spendiest projects need some creativity to fit all the pieces into a budget box (even if that box is large!).  There are places where you should really go for it, and a few areas to pull back.  Here are our favorite furniture accents pieces that give you a high-end look without the price tag.

And here are a few lamps and accessories with great price points too. Mix them in with some of our high-end pieces to hit your budget. 

We love managing your budget and design. Creating great design and not going crazy on the budget is truly good design.

Liv Happily,


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