Did you know the wrong lighting can easily make your rooms look dated? One of the easiest and quickest ways to update your space is to change out your lighting.

Environments filled with sufficient, natural light can improve health, relieve depression and aid in sleep habits. Not only for sight, light creates warmth in our souls and enhances our experiences. The contrast of light and shadows can lead us around a space.

We need a variety of lighting: both natural and artificial. Combining outside light with inside light plays an important role in creating a balanced atmosphere. Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein, and Barbara Winslow, authors of Patterns Of Home: The Ten Essentials of Enduring Design point out that we are comfort-loving creatures. We turn toward the sun, seeking light and warmth because we need sunlight to nourish both spirit and body.

The optimum formula for lighting a room is to have natural coming in on two sides. Jacobson, Silverstein, and Winslow point out that "interior light quality is influenced by the size, style and location of the windows and doors." Strategize the placement of these openings to let in nature and light. In addition, light can be softened by using windows treatment and shades. Utilize shading devices to control the light and temperature. 

The more options for lighting the better. Rooms should host various ways to be lit. Artificial light allows you to create moods for a variety of activities during certain times of day. It creates zones for activities such as reading or working. Use dimmers whenever possible for your artificial lighting; it allows flexibility for the moods you want and the activities you need performed in that space. Mirrored furniture and framed mirrors are fantastic ways to reflect light and space -- use them to your advantage in a small room.

Liv your best life!

Deboni & Debbie