Introducing....the perfect design assistant. Jenny Butler.

You know when things just fall into place.  It seems as though you're forcing something to work and then eventually (sometimes it takes longer than we want, right?) things just click.  Not long ago we were desperate for help at LIV trying to keep things moving as our projects were really picking up.  We just couldn't keep up.  You'd think finding a dedicated, talented designer would be easy.  Well I guess we are picky (ya that's true) because finding someone amazing was getting tricky.  And then....the things falling into place thing happened and in walked Jenny Butler,  our new assistant designer.  Jenny's other titles include: Life Saver, Organizer, Fabulous.  Like every part of our team, Jenny did not join us by happenstance. 


So I'd like to introduce you to Jenny...or you can call her Jen.  She's good like that.

After staying at home for 14 years with 5 kids, the baby of which was finally in first grade, Jen was ready for a new adventure. With a natural eye for color, balance rhythm and trends, it’s safe to say that Jen has easily had more than 17 years experience in interior design. That is why she decided to go to school to earn a degree in Interior Design, a great fit based on her talents.

Before considering going back to school for a degree in Interior Design, Jen redecorated/redesigned multiple homes. Jen has hands-on experience in everything from exterior color selection and structural updates, to helping find the smallest accent piece that catches your eye and makes the room. An Interior Design degree is an easy fit for Jen! In one year, her degree will be come a reality.

Until then, Jen is thrilled to be able to gain even more experience and expertise by working closely with all LIV showroom designers as an Assistant Designer and we are more than thrilled to have her as a part of our team.   

Drop in to see Jen and us soon!

LIV in the moment.



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