Fox Den Retreat

We are so excited to reveal the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom of the Fox Den New Build! We can all agree that the heart of the home is the kitchen, but let's be honest...our bedroom is the second best space in everyone's homes. It's the place you think about when you've had a long day and want to's your sanctuary. 

We were able to capture the owner's aesthetics and also provide functionality and storage. The design style was kept cohesive throughout the whole home. Masculine and feminine touches were paired together to achieve this look. 

Look at that bed! Doesn't it make you want to get under the covers and curl up in bed? A cool color scheme was used in the bedding to provide relaxation and stress-free ambiance. We loved using white bedding to bring simplicity and cleanliness to the bedroom and bringing subtle colors, patterns, and textures in the accent pillows and headboard itself! Notice the tufted and nail-head pretty detailing in the headboard? So delicate! 

Moving on to the Master Bathroom! We love how unique and different this floating tub is. The pebbled floor and organic shape of the tub make the bathroom feel like a spa! A his and hers station was designed to provide the homeowners a space to themselves to pamper and keep their belongings in separate spaces. 

While this is a different approach with sinks at opposite walls, we were able to provide both of them a significant amount of storage. The pendant lights brought a sense of elegance in the master bathroom.

Bathrooms tend to feel cold if you actually think about it. By providing wood cabinetry and delicate hardware we brought warmth to the bathroom and made it more inviting. If you haven't already, we hope to inspire you to create a little retreat whether it's in your bedroom or bathroom, or even both...but create a space for your body and mind to retreat to a peaceful and serene escape.

As always, relax where you LIV! 

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