This just in...

The weather here in Utah has been wet! If it rains much longer we're all going to need boats! Which is why this is the PERFECT time to talk about anchors! Yes anchors... why might you ask? Well, the purpose of an anchor on a ship is the same purpose of an "anchor" in decorating. It keeps the ship or in this case the "decor/design" to stay in one place and not "drift" to the outer edges of the room. A good area rug allows your eye to appreciate specific design elements individually. If you don't have an area rug, your eye will go crazy trying to find the focus of the room! Another great property of rugs is that they absorb sound, and warm a space. Isn't it nice to know your home will be a little quieter and cozier when you add an area rug?

 So, in honor of cool rainy weather, anchors and tired eyes, here are some of our latest rug samples. And, might I add, we are anxiously awaiting the completion of our new flooring room located at our design studio!

Just look at all these new rug samples! We have a rainbow of colors. A new rug is probably just the thing to bring life, balance and really ANCHOR your space.

Come by and see our new samples. You can take one home with you to try out in your space, or we can help you find just the right rug for your space!

Happy designing!



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