Connecting to Nature

In the high hills above the the former Bonneville shoreline in an established Bountiful Utah neighborhood, our clients found the perfect property to build their dream home.  Lucky!  When you have the privilege of living in such an serene place, connecting to the nature surrounding you is priority.  The overall theme in this house was using natural materials and schemes in a classic way drawing attention to the views.  

Connecting to nature is one of the elements to creating a sanctuary.  You guessed it!  This is a section in our book, Sanctuary: Essential Wisdom for an Inspired Home.  And recently, a significant amount of researched has focused on this "nature connection" and our physical health.  Yes, surrounding ourselves in nature is good for us!

So many elements of this new home nod to nature.  Not only is the entire main level open to the expanse of the valley below (includingindoor-outdoor spaces), but natural elements are found in most of the spaces' design.

Experiencing nature through a simple view of a window can have a profound affect on our well-being.  Don't you feel better already just looking at these images! 

In addition to the the vibrant colors of nature, animal friends from the mountainside are often seen from this window.  Dish washing is certainly more enjoyable in this scene!

Classic lanterns for a classic kitchen.  And more natural elements can be found in the walnut floors and stone countertops.

Adding a touch (or a bunch!) of nature is one way to love where you liv and create your own little sanctuary.

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