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Admit it.  You are scared of wallpaper.  I think just about anyone who has removed or attempted to remove wallpaper has a love/hate relationship with the term wallpaper (mostly hate!).  But as you know wallpaper has made a big comeback in recent years.  So here's a quick tip on the very best place to put wallpaper so you can both LOVE it and LIVE with it (and its in a relatively small place so removing it in 10 years won't make you crazy).  You guessed it....the powder bathroom. And the silver and bronze of best places in the home for wallpaper go to the laundry room and office.

While we await another of Tonya's big reveals this week of her fabulous updated home, and you guessed it...this is a pretty big hint, I thought we'd show you some of our fave wallpapers perfect for that tiny space in your home.  You're guests will love the surprise.

This small room is one fun way to really show your personality and do something a little more bold and daring than you might do in any other space.   So let your personality show, have a little fun.  Brighten your day with a little color....somewhere you can close the door and not live in all of the time.

Some of our favorite wallpapers are from Schumacher, Romo, and Thibaut.  Come and order some samples from us sometime to try out in your powder room.


The ever-so-famous trellis pattern.  It's not new, but it's still a beauty.  Comes in lots of great colors.


Love this color.  I couldn't live with it in most other rooms.  But what a refreshing color to enjoy just a hint of now and then in small space.


Or go a little more subtle and add just add some interest and texture on the wall like these beauties from Schumacher.

5001063 (1).jpg

And if you dare....go for those statement patterns and colors you've always loved that are over-the-top and fabulous.  These are sure to get your guests talking and make you smile everyday.

Give your neglected powder room a little love, give it the gift of wallpaper.  

LIV for fun.


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