Sales Representative Wanted!

This is a great opportunity for a sales superstar with an eye for beautiful design and an understanding of what it takes to create a high-end client experience! 

Liv Showroom provides professional interior design, new construction & remodeling design, and staging services for homes and businesses along the Wasatch front. Our design portfolio is a creative collection of hundreds of residences, office spaces, hospitality buildings, and community centers. Our focus on beautiful environments allows us to execute design solutions that capture the vision of our client!

Liv Showroom is seeking to increase our monthly sales, and our first step is to focus on real estate professionals who can generate new staging clients with new home permits. Our ideal sales candidates are most likely not from the interior design industry, but do have a history of working in high performance sales cultures and have been mentored by outstanding sales leaders. 

Our future Sales Representative:

  • Wants a long term career in design culture with Liv Showroom, not just a three year job.
  • Is direct & candid in conversation and despises death by meeting, bureaucracy and make-a-decision-never behavior.
  • Brings a “NO EXCUSE” attitude and has standards for themselves and their team that exceed our expectations.
  • Wants the lifestyle that a low-stress, flexible sales job at $60-$80K a year affords. (no long-distance travel)
  • Has the drive to identify and efficiently pursue strategic accounts.
  • Has the vision to pursue opportunities we haven't yet considered.
  • Has the ability to be a design expert, while leaving the art to the artists.
  • Is fully capable of learning and willing to do what it takes to master how we contribute value to the industry.
  • Is described as "likeable" and "credible", but doesn’t need to be liked.
  • Is respectful and respected.
  • Has an ability to say no.
  • Is perceptive and is always idealistic about long term, but skeptical in the present.
  • Would rather be selling than doing sales admin, but believes in the numbers--loves to create and share a successful score board.
  • Appreciates the value of beautiful spaces, and the life-changing and project-changing value of great design.
  • Has the guts to not shy away from objections, but instead confidently brings them up--even if the client is an intimidating, high-performing professional.
  • Can find the most efficient path to success.
  • Is absolutely committed to the result, but flexible in the approach. 



 Ongoing Weekly Activity:

  • Cultivate relationships with target clients--including real estate agents, builders and real estate owners.
  • Utilize sales skills to book introductory meetings, presentations and book business.
  • Be able to travel to clients’ homes and businesses to assist in design services and sales presentations. Businesses will primarily include real estate offices and builders--all on the Wasatch Front.
  • Generate a weekly forecast & pipeline for weekly meeting with the Sales Manager.
  • Update the CRM daily, report weekly.
  • Make 50 weekly sales calls, minimum--approximately 15 prospective calls and 10 penetration calls. These calls are to result in 6 designer appointments per week.
  • Email recaps to client within 24 hours of meeting--include any actionable phone calls.
  • Practice extra-mile efforts--such as hand-written thank-you/follow-up notes to new relationships at all levels, customers, and channels.
  • Participate in other showroom functions including, but not limited to, training and mentoring others, weekly sales meetings, working reports, public relations efforts, marketing efforts, general team meetings.
  • Stay current on design trends and the market drivers of our clients.


 We do have a few requirements that you need to meet. They are:

  • Proven sales results.
  • An unquenchable desire to be successful.
  • Wants to be on a team that is successful.
  • 2-5 years experience in real estate, building or the trades.
  • High standards of communication, personal professionalism, personal image, and presentation.
  • You may notice we are not requiring a college degree but you will need to be able to present yourself in a way that would seem like you must have one.    
  • Highly organized and efficient with time.
  • Highly computer savvy.
  • The showroom is not open for retail but some of your success will depend upon your ability to work the hours that serve the client. The client’s timing is bound to include a few nights and weekends. 
  • Must be able to work independently.
  • Must be comfortable in the controlled chaos of a small business environment. 
  • Must pass a background check and have a clean driving record. 

Preferred skills but not required: Experience in estimating, architect/design/engineer residential and/or commercial construction projects, real estate or model home staging, or design from any industry.

Compensation is based on experience and consists of cash flow plus commission.


Email your resume to team@livshowroom.com with the subject line "Sales Account Representative- (your name)".

If you think you would be a good fit for this position, we would love to hear from you! Or, please pass this on if you know someone who might be a good fit! Thank you!


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