Health Benefits Of Design

Did you know that more patients comment on wait times and their impressions of waiting
rooms than they do your clinical skills when they visit physician rating websites?

Patients form their first impressions of your practice in the waiting room.  It only makes sense
that you’d want your waiting room designed to optimize your patients’ mood and well-being.
After all, time stands still in waiting rooms for most people.  A well-designed environment
has the potential to reduce patients‘ anxiety, reduce perceived waiting time, enhance patients’ 
satisfaction, and even improve their perceptions of the quality of care.


Image via M + NLB/Perkins + Will

Image via M + NLB/Perkins + Will


Healthcare is seeing a shift from a model that focuses on ill patients to a broader one that focuses on general well-being and health.  With this shift in healthcare, your medical office should reflect those changes.

By incorporating a branding strategy into your design, not only will you create an environment
that will exemplify your company’s vision, mission, and values, but you’ll be able to strategically influence how your patients feel in the space.


Image courtesy of WNPR.ORG

Image courtesy of WNPR.ORG

Our mission at LIV Design Collective is to integrate design for positive patient experiences.  
That means that when your brand is successful:

          Your patients and employees will form meaningful connections in the space.

          You’ll spark emotional human connections in a positive environment.

          You’ll have the ability to enhance positive health outcomes.

We’ve taken all our research on branding solutions and combined them into an easy-to-read
report that will change the way you view your medical practice.  



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