Full Time or Part Time | Flexible hours - August 2018
Scottsdale, AZ

Liv Design Collective is an award-winning, interior design firm based in the Salt Lake City area. Focusing in the luxury residential as well as commercial interior design, we have a passion for serving clients. With established experience, we are constantly growing. Currently, we are looking for the right team members to set us up for even more success and growth. Our team is small yet skilled and smart. As national industry leader in design, we focus on total solutions for clients, architects, and builders.


Enough about us...Here’s the profile of our ideal candidate:

. You know design isn't about shopping and are able to guide your client through an easy and streamlined selection process that doesn't stress them out or run them around town.

. You have a passion for award-winning design and a confidence in your design skills.

. You understand the power of good design - especially in construction - and that it's not about only pillows or fluff. Your goal is to create real solutions that are both stunning and functional.

. You know better than to have your client's search Pinterest endlessly for ideas.

. You have experience in high-end residential construction design as well as furnishings and finishing touches.

. You understand importance of budget and know that good design doesn't have to mean over- budget.

. You don’t tolerate low-quality, waste or inefficiencies.

. You pride yourself on being the very best you can be and drive yourself harder than anyone else ever would or could.

. You manage your time better than any other and always exceed job requirements.

. You are willing to travel to help clients with our specialized design solutions.

. You have 3+ years experience (for Junior Designers) and 6+ years (for Senior Designers) as an interior designer and/or project manager and a degree in Interior Design (Bachelors preferred).

. Senior Designers must have 3+ years in new construction or remodel design.


Role and Behavioral Descriptions

. Communicate easily, clearly and confidently design solutions and processes to clients and contractors.

. Take pride in seeing that the organization is set up for world-class experiences for our clients and contractors.

. Study regional and national design and industry trends in both the construction and interior design industries.

. Communicate regularly and on a timely basis information to Operations team to ensure projects are on schedule.

. Create total solutions that help builders drive profits and clients to have streamlined projects. . Brand yourself individually as a profitable partner in high-end projects.
. Know how to seek out strategic relationships; that's a bonus. If not, we will teach you.

Tasks and Responsibilities

. Design and manage new construction, remodel and interior design projects from beginning (plan phase) to end (installation).

. Design and draw cabinetry, space plans, finish work, ceiling details, and other necessary drawings to communicate design intent to contractors. Documentation + CAD skills are a must!

. Communicate regularly and problem solve with contractors.

. Communicate ideas easily through concepts, specifications, and drawings.

. Help overwhelmed clients make decisions though Science of Decision making. (It's easy; we will teach you)

. Create aesthetically pleasing design and furniture boards and layouts. . Demonstrate ability to achieve aggressive timelines.
. Propose furnishings, products, and décor items for purchase.

Pay: Base Salary Plus Commission based on experience.
How to Apply: Please email your resume to with subject title "Lead Designer."

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