Photos by Sara Boulter and Lindsay Salazar

Photos by Sara Boulter and Lindsay Salazar


Despite the formerly low ceilings, closed off spaces, and awkward configuration, Liv Showroom + Design was able to reimagine and create an updated "modern industrial cottage" in this 1960s rambler remodel.

With a need for plenty of space and plans for hosting frequent out-of-town guests, the biggest obstacle with this remodel was limited square footage. Rather than build out, we opened up the floor plan by tearing down walls and ripping out the existing eight-foot ceilings. Once the ceilings were gone, we discovered a delightful architectural detail of the framing. The vaulted ceiling instantly created an expansive feeling in the space while projecting an impressive old-yet-new aesthetic.

The end result of this successful renovation is an open floor plan full of character and style with plenty of gather space.

As a bonus, we've thrown in some images of this spectacular home decorated for the holidays. Enjoy!