Art that Means Something

A few months ago a vintage print caught my eye in a consignment shop.  It was an early American main street scene with a girl in a bonnet and horse strolling the street.  It wasn't so much the image that caught my eye, it was the colors.  Since it was a fairly old pastel, the colors had begun to fade and gray.  The color palette became a very muted blue and green that I am really drawn to.  So I eagerly brought it home and hung it right away in my front room.  A few weeks later, my husband and his friends started teasing me about "the random girl" picture.  They didn't understand what had drawn me to the image.  Ever since I been focused on two things: 1) there are many design related things that husband is never going to understand and 2) how to incorporate "art that means something" into my own home and my designs.  Do I still love my vintage print? Absolutely.  Does every piece of art need to mean something to you personally?  No way.  Sometimes art is just something that we are drawn to. We are going to be featuring several ideas on meaningful art and accessories for the next few weeks to help personalize your space and bring a little bit of you into you home. Remember this project we shared back in November?  This room only has one wall for art so we wanted something with a lot of impact.  Music is a very important part of this family so we came up with a fun way to turn sheet music into and art gallery.  Together, the family chose 9 songs that had special meaning to them.  Two of the songs are scans of the actual sheet music their children used to learn how to play the violin.  We added nature inspired graphics on top of the music in the same soft blue color.  We will be printing them on parchment paper and mounting them on linen and framing them in a white frame with a cream mat to keep them fresh.  This is a really affordable way to bring a lot of impact into the room.  Another great thing about this idea is they can add to their gallery as their family grows and they find more songs with special meaning for them.  I cannot wait to see these in their space![gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="post_date"]

This idea can easily be customized to your interests.  You can use poems, pages from favorite books, scans of hand written letters, or recipes.  The possibilities for design motifs and colors are limitless so you can create art that is 100% unique to you.

There you have it!  Day one of our series featuring art and accessories that have special meaning.  Check back often for more ideas to help make your house a home.