Kitchen Design Board

The final design board we'd like to share with you for now for this particular project is for the kitchen.  We all know how important our kitchens are to us, especially during this time of year.  The kitchen definitely is the heart of the home and really needs to be a place you love to be.  This kitchen is going to be one great before and after.  Here are the befores.

And here is where we want to take it:Dilemma #1: The Cabinets.  The oak cabinets are not our clients favorita and were making this kitchen feel dark and outdated.  Our first thought was to paint them white.  Our clients were hoping to save the white appliances however since they are in such great shape.  We think the next best thing to white painted cabinets is gray painted cabinets.

Dilemma #2: The Soffit.  Soffits are another thing that can really make a kitchen feel dated.  A great way to freshen it up and make the cabinets feel more custom is to add molding to the soffit and paint it out to match the cabinets.  The soffit above the penisula which once held cabinets also felt a bit awkward to us.  The previous owners removed the cabinets to help open up the space.  They were definitely on the right track but the soffit feels a bit naked and completely out of place.  Our solution to this problem is to add open shelving which provides great storage for glasses and dishes and still keeps the kitchen nice and open.

Dilemma #3: Small Dining Area.  We felt the eat-in area in this kitchen felt really cramped.  We thought a built-in banquette on the back of the penisula would free up a lot of space by letting the entire seating area shift.  We're recommending a farm house bench that can be competely tucked under the table to free up even more floor space and keep the walkway to the patio clear.

Dilemma #4: Storage for Buckets.  Our client is an avid baker and often grinds her own wheat.  She has several buckets of baking ingredients that she uses often and needed a home within the kitchen.  We thought the built-in desk area would be a great baking center.  The raised portion would be a great home to the mixer and the buckets could be hidden under a ticking striped curtained cabinet.  Built-in desks in kitchen are seldom used and usually become a cluttered catch-all.  We love the idea of repurposing it into a baking center.  Eventually, we'd love to see the laminate counter top on the desk replaced with a marble remnant.  The marble is a perfect serface for baking and desk height is a better height for rolling our dough that standard cabinet height.

We are so excited to see this kitchen transform from an outdated kitchen that most people would just gut into a completely functional and stylish space.  We'd love to help you solve any of your design dilemmas.  Drop us an email at