Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2013

Sherwin Williams announced its Color Forecast for 2013 which consists of four different color palettes we love! Today we're going to share the Honed Vitality palette.  Here's what Sherwin Williams has to say about this particular palette...

Time and nature work hand in hand to create a softened beauty that is restful and comforting.  We experience it in the layered hues of mineral deposits, sea-buffed stones and the weathered shutters of a rustic farmhouse. The colors are chalky and earthy, the materials raw and organic, the finishes matte. It's a homespun aethetic inspired by our renewed appreciation for artisan craft, handmade quality and homemaking as a valued skill rather than a chore.

This color palette is based on natural textures, the warm light of sunset and the earthy character of handmade craftwork.


We love this palette for its its warm and somewhat muted hues that can work together for dramatic effect.

This particular room is from the Sherwin Williams' Color Visualizer tool which allows you to try out colors in virtual rooms to see how they effect a space.  We used SW Unusual Gray (7059) on the walls of this room.

This room uses Sherwin Williams Poolhouse which is a great watery blue.  So restful for a bedroom.

It was difficult to find images online using these colors because the forecast is so new, but if you go to the Sherwin Williams website, you can try out the color visualizer tool on virtual rooms or even on your own rooms that you upload to the site.  It's a great way to see how these colors might look in your space.

And just in case you were wondring, we were not compensated by Sherwin Williams for this post.  We are just sharing the information with you for fun!